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Kids Birthday Parties:

At Tennyson Studio we let the children design and create whatever they desire on their pieces. We just help them get inspired. All pieces can go into the dishwasher,the microwave and Into the oven.

We at Tennyson Studio are unique as we create a fun and Creative Party within a ceramic painting party, we have a karaoke which we use for party games and during after our painting sessions for party games, and yes there is even dancing if time permits. There are 4 packages to choose from for all budgets:

Pack 1:

Bread and butter plate Approx. 18cm round. Party Price: $30 per child.

Pack 2:

Kids Dinner plate Approx. 26cm round. Party Price : $32 per child.

Pack 3:

Drinking Mugs or Cup Cake Jwellery Boxes. Party Price: $33 per child.

Pack 4:

Large Jewel box. Party Price: $36 per child.

* Minimum of 12 kids must be 6yrs +
* Party lasts 2.5hrs
* All inclusive Party-All paints, firings, glazing, ceramic piece chosen, pizza and drinks, lollies on the tables ,Party Games & dancing
* All pieces fired before, so kids dont break them
* Birthday child receives handpainted signature plate all guests sign.
* Just bring the BIRTHDAY CAKE
* Bookings 3 weeks prior to party
$50 Deposit ( non-refundable )

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