Ceramic Painting and Clay Hand-Building at the #1 creative Art Studio in Sydney

Relax, unwind, come in and learn all about Ceramic Art Painting and Hand building with Clay experiences located in Gladesville. 

We are Located at 113A Tennyson Rd Tennyson Point (Gladesville)

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Indulge your creative side with Ceramic Pottery Painting, and Hand building Play with Clay, both offer an Introduction, to beginners, and advanced techniques used in ceramics to create your own functional creations. 

Ceramic Pottery Painting Workshops


Ceramic Painting

Ceramic Pottery Painting

Create beautiful and functional ceramic art with no previous artistic experience required. We offer a range of packages to help you decide the best one and learn at your own pace. We create all our Greenware in-house from plates, platters, mugs, bowls , teapots and heaps more to choose from.  

Play with Clay Hand Building

Clay Hand Building

Play with Clay Hand Building

Getting your hands dirty with clay and creating pottery has always been a fun pastime for all of us. Our Play with Clay sessions helps students learn pottery clay  techniques and create their very own mugs, plates, and pieces which they can then later paint or glaze.


Kids Birthday Parties
Ceramic Pottery Painting, Play with Clay handbuilding, Acrylic Canvas Painting

Adult Workshops


Purchase our DIY kit, these Kits have everything you need. Within each Project, every package has everything needed to complete it on your own. We provide you with all the materials,  guides, and pre-taped videos so you can follow step by stepped instructions. We will even send them directly to you via courier to your home. 



Use our FIRING service, this service is for students and non students of the studio. Contact us via email or phone for more information.


Yes, we accept Creative Kids vouchers

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