Benefits of Art Classes for Adults and Corporate Parties

Art classes are no longer exclusive to people seeking to become professional artists. At Tennyson Studio, we offer sessions for corporate and adult groups of 10-15 who want to discover the joy of art. 

“A private art class is an ideal type of gathering because it involves only a small group of people and eases any pandemic-related anxiety.”, notes Shane Perry, Max Funding’s investment advisor. Perry had recently organised an art session for his department to help them relax in these uncertain times.

Here are the three benefits of our art sessions that your group might like:


Clear Your Mind with Hand-built Pottery Workshops

Do you have high-tension jobs? Have you been stressed out lately? Pottery can take your mind off the chaos!

Invite your friends or team members for a 3-hour workshop that is focused on basic pottery. This type of art requires focus so you can achieve the right form. And with clay on your hand, you would be discouraged from checking your phone. Your group will be compelled to set their attention on their work or the conversation (You might finally discover who leaves tasty doughnuts in the pantry!)

You will feel a sense of achievement after creating something from a lump of clay—which is essential in boosting self-esteem!

In this workshop, you will have to use your hands and fingers to build pottery. This can improve your spatial awareness as you become aware of the shapes, curves, and textures of the ceramics you see everywhere. You might be surprised by the outcome, which you will pick up 3-4 weeks later.

Ignite Your Creativity and Social Skills with Ceramic Painting Sessions

Do you want a unique bridal shower, birthday party, or team-building activity? Our ceramic painting is perfect for any event!

Why not give a hand-painted tea set to the newly-weds? The bride and groom choose the colours, and the group paints whatever they like using these hues. Just bring your cocktails and platters, and we’ll take it from there.

Or give your office pantry a little makeover by asking your team to create unique pieces! We have a wide variety of plates, platters, salad bowls, teapots, bowls, and mugs to choose from. This 3-hour painting session is a chance for them to reconnect and strengthen relationships while sharing art tips and laughter.

We will guide from all day! Our supervisors are prepared to teach drawing, brushwork, wax layering, reverse sgraffito, Moroccan-style ceramic painting, Italian designs, etc. All of these for $48-$80 per person only!


Boost Creativity and Self-Confidence in a Paint N Sip Canvas Painting Session, Ceramic Painting Session and now Handbuild with Clay Workshop sessions

Painting can be intimidating for some. But not at Tennyson Studio!

In our Paint N Sip Canvas Painting Session and also  Paint n Sip Ceramic Painting Session ,  now also introduced by popular demand a Paint n sip Handbuild with Clay workshops, you’ll be guided every step of the way until you complete the masterpiece. Invite at least 10 of your friends or family for a creative boost. Bring your favourite drinks and nibbles, and we’ll provide the glasses, aprons, and painting materials. There are lots of paintings to choose from!

Our Paint N Sip sessions are ideal if you want a private social gathering with a new twist—only for a minimum spend of $650!

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Tennyson Studio strictly complies with the safety guidelines set by the Australian Government. We limit the number of people inside the studio and encourage everyone to maintain physical distancing. The entire studio and art materials are disinfected regularly. We also ask all guests to wash their hands upon entry.


Contact us now to book your private art session!

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