Adults Classes

Casual Class:                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cost:  $28 Class only

We offer a casual class at $28 per person for those who have their own materials and supplies and want to join us in an assisted 3-hour session. This does not include any materials.

Introduction Class:                                                                                                                                                                                Cost:  $60       all inclusive class  X 1  session

This is a great one-off 3-hour class and all-inclusive of piece, paints, firings, and glazing for ONLY $60. Perfect for those who would like an introduction to ceramics with no commitments: our greenware plate, underglaze paint, studio brushes, 3 hours of tuition, Glazing that is done by us,  all firing is included in one price.

All you have to do is come in, relax and create; we have set designs all ready for you to design if you wish, this will give you 3-4 different simplified techniques in one piece.

10-week Beginners Course:  Material bought as you go                                                                                                                   Cost: $260 Includes $10 firing voucher free

These classes are designed for the absolute beginner and work great for students with little or no drawing experience. You can expect to make 8-10 pieces in your 10-week course. Greenware pieces (unfired clay), Underglaze paints, brush kit, and glaze can be bought from our studio, as you need them per class. There is 2 firings( Bisque and Glaze) cost for firings is half the cost for each firing. The cost for the 10-week course is 3 hours a week for 10 weeks, with notes, tuition, and guidance per week.

Every week your tutor will demonstrate a different technique based on a set Curriculum. You will also learn all your brush techniques as you get through your course. You choose any piece from our shelves at your own cost, therefore you can control what you would like to spend every week. You are most welcome to bring your own designs and ideas and we will help you create them with techniques used in the course.

Once you have finished your beginner’s course, you can look at more intricate creations as you can apply your techniques from the course, with more involved techniques. We can help you with designs with our large collection of inspirational books and magazines, you can create your masterpieces where you’ll benefit and feel confident to progress into the advanced sessions.

 Introduction Course Package: All-Inclusive of materials                                                                                                                           Cost : $256

This Introduction course package includes a class per week, ceramic pieces, studio paints, firings, and glazing.

Upon following the Introduction Course the ceramic program is 3 hours per week, you choose your pieces (greenware), Studio underglaze paints, and firings( Bisque and Glaze)and Glaze, and it will be deducted from the Package cost per week until a tally of zero comes up. You may then choose to buy another package if you want it as all-inclusive sessions.  There is no set curriculum once the Introduction Course has been completed.,

You must buy your own Brushes or 6 Brush kit which we have available for you.

This is great for those of you, that may not want to buy your own paints, glazes, you will be using studio materials.

The class session for this course package lasts around 5 sessions, it really does depend on what is chosen by you,  for the tally to run to ZERO dollars.

There is no set curriculum for these sessions after the as we work with more textures, design work, majolica, crystals, carving just to name a few.

 Class Packs Sessions: 

These Class Session Packs have No materials included and are 3 hrs a week tuition fees only.

You buy all your materials as you need them

  • * 4 Pack Class = 1-month Classes once a week paid upfront.  Cost $112 
  • * 8 Pack Class = 2 months Classes once a week paid upfront (with this package you get a firing voucher free worth $6 to be used through your 8 classes). Cost $215
  • * 10 Pack Class= Term Classes with free $10 Firing voucher. Cost $260