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My course is an art course on ceramics(slipware: earthen ware poured into molds and then dried this is called greenware.) We don’t make our pieces we design and I will teach you techniques used in ceramics to paint your ceramics. All our pieces are dishwasher safe, microwavable and you can eat out of them every day. All functional ceramics.

10 Week Beginners Class:

That takes you through the basic techniques used in ceramics, with drawing, brushwork, waxing, wax layering, washaways, reverse scraffitto ,ceramic mosaics, design work for morrocan , Italian designs these a just a few of the techniques we will do in the beginners course.

For $220 and I throw in a $10 firing voucher for free.
You will need to buy in your first class your brushes and paints.

We also have an

Introduction Class:

A 1 off class that includes everything for a dinner plate for 3hrs for $50 per person.
If you enjoy this class then you can book into a beginners course.

We also have Casual class at $26 per hr class (3 Hour)

A 4 week pack class at $96
4 Class beginners course $240 all materials inclusive

Please let me know what days or evenings will suit you and we can get you started.
Times are from
Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday 10.30am – 1.30pm and
Evening classes Tuesday and Thursday 6.45pm – 9.45pm

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