Kids & Adult Activity: 2 Mont Marte Pouring Sets (8 Paints) & 3 Canvases with Instructions and Video link



Use the NSW Gov. Creative Kids Voucher for a set of 2 Pouring Kits and 3 Canvases 40 x 30 cm, plus heaps more materials included that you will need to complete your projects, and an instruction booklet with different techniques to use on your canvas. I will send this via email, for you to download and experiment with,  plus a private link video to follow, with a flip cup technique in my guided video, for absolutely no cost to you, yes $0 for you.

Please put your Creative Kids Voucher number with your child’s name and date of birth in the order notes at the checkout page, your order will only be dispatched after redemption has been made. OR alternatively EMAIL your childs voucher with names as per voucher date of birth and Voucher number.

This is available for ADULTS as well. the Kit includes a complete booklet with all techniques needed for Acrylic Pouring for $100, includes everything you will need. Along with a video link via Youtube to follow along.

This package includes:

  • 3 Canvases and 2 Pouring Sets your Choice of Sets Or We select your colors at random.
  • Drop sheets, cups, and stirrers
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Private Video links via Youtube are sent to you once all redemptions are made.
  • All shipping included.

BUY ANY 3+ SESSIONS AND RECEIVE 10% OFF! (discount automatically applied at check-out)



Hey Guys, use the NSW Gov. Creative Kids Voucher For a set of 2 Mont Marte Pouring Kits and 3 Canvases plus heaps more materials included that you will need to complete your projects, a booklet with instructions, plus a private link Video with a Flip Cup technique, in our guided video for absolutely no cost to you,

YES, $0 for you!!

All you have to do is send us the 9999 Voucher number along with your child’s name and DOB via email at

Once we have redeemed the voucher, we will send you your FREE package with all materials, and Instruction booklet, and a Private video link.

Let’s get DIRTY AND MESSY!!!¬† Start pouring, it is definitely messy and is heaps of fun but we do have drop sheets included and gloves so it doesn’t matter about the mess. Each Canvas creation will be unique and can’t be replicated. Join us for virtual guidance via a private video link that I will send out in a step-by-step guided instructed session. All materials will be provided for you in a take-home kit.

Each kit will include 2 different Paint Sets. Each set includes 4 pouring Acrylic in 60ml bottles. therefore 8 bottles of Acrylic Flow acrylics are ready to start pouring. We will select at random the 2 sets of Mont Marte Pouring Kits.

3 Canvases, gloves, drop sheets, pouring cups, you don’t need to leave home, everything is in this kit delivered to your home.

All options to choose from have 4 x 60ml bottles in each set, you will receive  2 sets

  1. Redeem your NSW Creative Kid Voucher, with no cost to you, free
  2. Shipping is included in the kit to you, Courier will deliver to your door. allow 3-4 days.
  3. All materials are included in the kit, plus gloves, reusable cups, a drop sheet, and stirrers.
  4. Enjoy your experience! We will send you everything you need in your kit along with your step-by-step instructions.


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