School Holiday Workshops Sydney

We are practicing Social Distancing During COVID 19, with 16 kids in a workshop, with handwashing on entry, Parent must check their children in with the NSW Service QR Code we provide, so please bring in your phone, also please bring your own food and drinks, and all our tables are disinfected after every session

Please book in early so we can guarantee a place for your child.


2021  : Handbuilding with Clay:  Week 1: 29th June / 1st July

  and Week 2:  6th/8th July  10.30 am to 1.30 pm

In this 3 hr workshop, the kids will receive a lump of clay and we will guide them with the basics of hand-building with clay.

You will learn how to pinch, coil or slab with clay to create anything from a bowl or an animal mug or just your own creations.

All your pieces will then be fired and glazed in a Clear glaze and remain white and glossy,

All pieces are to be collected from the studio in four weeks after the completion of your workshop. 

This is a  2-day workshop.

Day 1: During these classes, we guide the kids through the steps to make their very own hand-built creation from scratch.

We will fire and glaze each piece, (if you cant return to painting your creation, this is where the art class will end for you and we will fire and clear glaze your piece  Pick up is still 4 weeks after the workshop: $74 )

Day 2: Return 2 days after creating, leaving your clay to dry and harden before painting on it.  This is the art class where your kid’s piece will come to life. They can transform their clay creation with Underglaze ceramic paints.  When the clay has dried you will sand and decorate your creation.

For the two-day workshop, the total cost is $98


Acrylic painting workshop on Canvas:  2021:  30th June and 7th July  Wednesday afternoon 2 pm to 5 pm

In this 3 hr workshop, the kids will be guided through drawing and painting techniques to create a fantastic piece of art with acrylics on canvas, with our resident art teacher.

Everything is included in this workshop for only $58

This 3hr workshop 



Kids ceramic painting classes:

Week 1:  30th June / 1st July /3rd July All 1-day workshops 10.30 am to 1.30 pm

Week 2: 7th July/ 8th July/ 10th July   /1-day workshops  10.30 am to 1.30 pm

This workshop is $12 per person per 3-hour guided step by step session, then you can choose pieces from our shelves and add the cost of the piece to the session, which includes all paints, 2 firings, and glazing,

EG:  a dinner plate a mug, or a bowl start from $43 plus $12 =$ 55 is the total for the piece, 2 firings, 6 paints, glazing and 3 hours in the studio with guidance if needed.

We have many different pieces to choose from our shelves starting at $40. Plates, bowls, mugs. We have many pieces to choose from for the younger kids (6 years and under), these are already had one firing so they don’t break as easily such as plates, cups, jewel boxes, and many more.  We have many templates for you to choose from, or bring your own ideas. Adults are encouraged to stay if children are 6 years and under, and can join the kids at children’s prices.

Special: Accompanying parents wanting to paint will pay children’s prices 

Ceramic Painting  2021: 10.30 am – 1.30 pm  All welcome.



We also run kids’ art classes for all 7yr olds and older during the school term.

Get ready for the school holidays and book today!

All of our school holiday art classes have limited places available, so booking is essential. Get in touch with our friendly team via email at info@tennysonstudio.com.au or give us a call on 02 9879 0444.